After my break

I haven’t been working on anything really. Some portrait practice ready for the Beaufort Town Market. And playing with some older work, but I did tizzy up an old oil paint portrait that I couldn’t bring myself to go over. Let me know how you feel about it.

7yr old portrait laying around , so I added a few things.

Ohh and another go over that every one seemed to like

paper wax painting and oil paint
Finished re-worked wax and oil on paper

Really enjoyed painting

I really enjoyed painting yesterday. I painted 2 together and was really in the mood, not second guessing myself and I think it shows. I’ve uploaded one of them to Bluethumb, the second in a couple of days.

Title: It reminds me of ? 60 x 85 cm Acrylics on Paper $400

Here’s the second. I painted in my usual style of putting down some colours and working intuitively follow where they led me.

Title: Tender feelings, 60 x 85 cm acrylic on paper $400

The paper I use is really strong University Cartridge paper . Poster size.