Wrong place.

plein air oils 2nd days work

I have been given permission for painting a local vineyard with all its glorious views. I started last Thursday early morning, but found when I showed Mark Summer-field, this isn’t his place. We had a laugh and Masakai His lovely wife took me around their estate. I got the surprise of my life. The views were magnificent so hold on to your hats I hope to do them justice with a series of Paintings for sale in hopefully 6-8 months time. But I need to finish this one too its a side view of Dalwhinne vineyard.


I was contacted for a commission. Its a present for the owner of this pup who has sadly passed away. They are on his motorbike, which was very hard to tell in the photograph. Happily I’ve fulfilled the brief.

Completed Commission.

Sunrise painting today. WIP.

Scene in the district of Wilaura

I started to paint from a lovely photo that a man named Colin in Wallaura took, he kindly let me use it. Hopefully finish it tomorrow, it has sheep in the foreground.

Sunset in Avoca

I also got a commission to paint this scene this morning. Hopefully can get that beautiful glow in the clouds with the right colour Waiting for a larger canvas now that I ordered today.