Journey of self discovery

a painting journey of self discovery
Faceless (with angel)



Dawn Lim, Faceless, with Angel, January 2022.

Artist statement of this work: From time to time, paintings take shape because of a spiritual relationship I have with the art, the earth and the metaphysical spirits in every living thing. This painting is a reflection of two individuals who are spiritually connected, and are about to share something of great worth. My paintings work best when they come through inspiration and personal discovery.

This piece may be purchased at the online Gallery Bluethumb

Or my facebook

A commission and new work, painting again

as I Shared I felt I couldn’t paint for a long time. I have been given a portrait commission which I started yesterday, it can be finished a little more but I’m happy with the likeness. Feel I’m back on track.

I’ve also been painting some abstracts on paper with wax medium and oil paint which I have uploaded to bluethumb, link is on my homepage here. Except for this one not uploaded yet

title Ice Queen


Had another look at this painting and decided it could go further . It is made with beeswax and oil paint and I have added drips and marks. Think its more interesting than before.

Reworked painting on poster size university paper
Insitu courtesy of @artroomsapp.

updated the Gallery.

I have painted a few paintings that I like very much, so have updated the gallery, all for sale on -davis -lim . I’ll give you a peak.

Title No Good Looking back, 60 x 85 cm cold wax and oil paint on University Cartridge Paper

thanks for looking.

Starting again. W.I.P.

WIP work in progress. First day.

I have given landscapes to exhibitions and sold others so I need to paint for a local exhibition. People like and understand them more than abstracts and I like painting them too. This one has taken 3 hours or so to map out and mix the colours. There will be a lot more work done before its finished.

Privilege today

I have been given the opportunity for blogging on my Bluethumb profile,  called studio  and all those who love and value my artwork can follow me there. I’ll be pretty busy keeping up with it all,  but loving it. I  haven’t got much to show right now  but I have been drawing again,  so I’ll  share that with you.

Playing with paint

Had a lovely play today. Feels so liberating. My live Facebook was just about ok, but I wasn’t happy, I forgot a few things and my camera stand was difficult to manover, and I overdid a drawing, a sure sign my mind went out of gear, ha ha anyway back to today’s painting it will be on Bluethumb soon for sale.

Untitled yet, Acrylic 60 x 85 cm university Cartridge paper

Really enjoyed painting

I really enjoyed painting yesterday. I painted 2 together and was really in the mood, not second guessing myself and I think it shows. I’ve uploaded one of them to Bluethumb, the second in a couple of days.

Title: It reminds me of ? 60 x 85 cm Acrylics on Paper $400

Here’s the second. I painted in my usual style of putting down some colours and working intuitively follow where they led me.

Title: Tender feelings, 60 x 85 cm acrylic on paper $400

The paper I use is really strong University Cartridge paper . Poster size.