An abstract expression

Wild About You.

I painted my first in along time, abstract expressionist Painting yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still have a satisfied feeling today. More so because I wanted to paint in pink but of course you follow your instincts and heart, when your painting and this is what I am experiencing, a little bit of chaos. I can understand written in my marks now how I am trying to calm down and cope with the final pink marks floating over the top of all my questions amid this chaos of the pandemic.

Next step

I added a posy of wild flowers to my painting, only small to not detract from the background. But I hope they havn’t become the focal point which will detract from the original expression and intention. My painting is really about the dysfunction in my family and the flowers intention is for the white daisies to let go with forgiveness, blue for forget me knots and magenta petals for love.

Painting with the wild flowers, 61 x 61 cm

Thought I’d share an image that also reminds me of the time spent with my family,

Timeless memories, of a day gone by.