Finished portrait

I just got a shock, Horror!! Seeing I didn’t share the finished portrait of my last commission which was only partly done. So I’m making amends now.

finished portrait.

The sitter


I was contacted for a commission. Its a present for the owner of this pup who has sadly passed away. They are on his motorbike, which was very hard to tell in the photograph. Happily I’ve fulfilled the brief.

Completed Commission.

Sold today

Had visitors to pick up painting’s sold during Covid today, and very happy to have them purchase another. The Image is below

Also I finished a Christmas portrait gift this week.

Christmas portraits

Commission completed

Canola field at sunset in the Pyrenees Shire. Client is very happy.

I must say the camera picks up the light on the painting and it is brighter than looking with the natural eye but not too much difference.

completed painting, 92 x 92cm Acrylic

Almost there

I have been out of action since Monday. I suffer with vestibular migraine, Its an ear problem. Anyway I got back to my commission and almost finished except for the trees, which I hope to complete tomorrow.

The commission almost finished.

Prep. For a commission

Preparatory for colours and brush strokes

I have a commission for a 92 x92 cm canvas of a view in photograph of a local sunset where we live. I prepared for it by checking my colours and my brush strokes, happy to say I have the correct colours and now I know what to expect and alter for the commission.

Original photograph of scene to be painted

My colours are brighter and lift the original image. My client is very happy with the prep .

Sunrise painting today. WIP.

Scene in the district of Wilaura

I started to paint from a lovely photo that a man named Colin in Wallaura took, he kindly let me use it. Hopefully finish it tomorrow, it has sheep in the foreground.

Sunset in Avoca

I also got a commission to paint this scene this morning. Hopefully can get that beautiful glow in the clouds with the right colour Waiting for a larger canvas now that I ordered today.