Article by Donna Vance

How Art Is Helping People Cope With Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic locked us indoors and prompted us to seek for self-development opportunities. Many of us have found time for their long-forgotten hobbies. Some try their hand at cooking, while others use their time and their creativity to improve their standards of living. While there are many such things that could keep us busy for hours, very few of them are as beneficial as art, when it comes to our mental sanity.

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Health Benefits

The health benefits of art are nothing new, though. Therapists worldwide recommend art therapy to their patients as a powerful method to relieve stress and anxiety or to keep anger and other emotions under control.

Natalie Crabtree, a New Zealand art therapist, notes the importance of art as a way of catharsis. “Getting your mind nice and clear by painting is the perfect way to release any tension in your mind. It’s such a release to allow your hand and mind to wander across the canvas, use whatever colours you’d like and create whatever you want to.”

It is in these times of trouble that we acknowledge the true power of art in helping us come with our anxiety and the frustration generated by the uncertainty of the global health situation.

People in isolation or lockdown are at increased risk of developing anxiety and even depression. Art therapy can help them take over and regain a certain level of control over their lives. This sense of freedom comes from the fact that art-related activities use the creative side of our brain.

Australian therapy entrepreneur Sandra Ryan believes that art is one of the best ways to occupy the mind. “Lockdown across the globe has caused a lot of trouble for people. Being holed up in a home or apartment and not being able to do much outside means you need a release of sorts for your body and mind. Art has proven to be incredibly effective in helping people get through these troubling times.”

This part of the human brain is also responsible for managing stressful situations. By keeping it busy with artistic endeavours, we find our lost sense of personal identity. Art is a powerful way for humans to express emotions without verbal communication.

Art, Our Way To A Normal Life, Even During The Pandemic

Taking into consideration the countless health benefits of art, we can safely say that it is our saviour during these times of trouble and uncertainty. We’ve already seen the various social media channels flooded with painting, drawings and sketches created by people in their hopeful attempt to put their time to good use by creating beautiful things to share with their peers.

Art makes us joyful and happy. It allows us to forget our mundane worries and to spend time focusing on the present moment rather than living in the past or worrying for the future. Art is therapy, there’s no doubt about it.

For Dawn herself, art has been a therapeutic outlet even before the world went into lockdown. No matter what happens in a day, there’s nothing that came between the brush, the canvas and Dawn’s hand stroking away. Like a wizard casting a spell, Dawn would empty her thoughts in her mind and translate it onto a canvas in a way only she would understand. That’s the case for anyone who paints for therapeutic reasons – it’s a release of the mind, and a way to express yourself without needing to say verbal words.

Regardless of your age and passions, embracing a creative activity helps you cope with negative

events in your life and with situations you can’t control. As the world is fighting the dreaded virus that locked us in our homes, it is in our power to preserve our sanity and to stay healthy by embracing hobbies and activities that keep us motivated and vibrant.

Artwork is one way that an atmosphere can be created in a home without any words being spoken. It’s a crazy concept, but it is true.

With one of Dawn Lim’s artworks, you’ll find the right piece for the perfect atmosphere that you want. No matter the size of your home or how big a room is, you’ll have an artwork that will be at the forefront of conversation.

Donna Vance