Reptilian beings?

We watch all kinds of world news , especially since covid we have been following certain threads about politics and the new world order. It led to a really peculiar report last night about aliens and reptilians, which spooked me a bit till this morning because I happened to paint something which preempted last nights report yesterday. I’ll show it to you. I got over it with our Sunday activities but sometimes I seem to be a bit prophetic with my work as an outsider artist, I don’t know which is spookier, me painting it or worse the idea that they exist. I already put it up for sale on Bluethumb yesterday.

Getting the blues. Acrylic 60 x 85 cm university Cartridge paper

Sunday arvo charcoal drawing

I have been charcoal drawing Sunday Afternoons for a while now. Its great to keep my drawing up and to be able to spend time with my family rather than painting in the studio, and to keep my mind off world affairs. I think we’re in serious trouble. But that is another story. Here’s the charcoal drawing .

Old man found in pinterest

Iso Activities

Finished an oil painting today, the view from my front yard.

Oil painting on canvas 100 x 33 cm

And a friends baby picture. Thought he looked very cute.

All my time in Isolation is spent productively. But I am wondering where its all leading too.

Advance Australia Fair

Advance Australia Fair. Acrylic on university Cartridge paper. 60 x 85 cm

Thought I’d put an Australian Flag on this painting when I painted it a week or so ago. So here it is . Think it is working with her sitting there so sleepy in lockdown, bored out of her mind like the rest of us. With mental illness abounding and all that goes with it, She’s taking it sitting down.

Playing with paint

Had a lovely play today. Feels so liberating. My live Facebook was just about ok, but I wasn’t happy, I forgot a few things and my camera stand was difficult to manover, and I overdid a drawing, a sure sign my mind went out of gear, ha ha anyway back to today’s painting it will be on Bluethumb soon for sale.

Untitled yet, Acrylic 60 x 85 cm university Cartridge paper

Live Tonight

I’m going live Tonight on Facebook teaching beginners some simple tools for drawing portraits. It’ll be on my art Page at 7.30.

Drawing taken from pinterest

I’ll be sharing basic ideas of how to draw someone like this man. It looks harder than it is.

Really enjoyed painting

I really enjoyed painting yesterday. I painted 2 together and was really in the mood, not second guessing myself and I think it shows. I’ve uploaded one of them to Bluethumb, the second in a couple of days.

Title: It reminds me of ? 60 x 85 cm Acrylics on Paper $400

Here’s the second. I painted in my usual style of putting down some colours and working intuitively follow where they led me.

Title: Tender feelings, 60 x 85 cm acrylic on paper $400

The paper I use is really strong University Cartridge paper . Poster size.

Wishing God to bless China

China has been suffering horrendous flooding and other major calamities in the last 2 months. I’m hoping that it will hold the CCP in check but really feel for all the people suffering there. So this painting came together today, I think its appropriate for our times.

Titled God Bless China 60 x 85cm Acrylic on paper

Decision Time

I need to decide on my subject matter, I’m thinking of drawing girly girls portraiture. They would be larger than life, can’t decide what size though. Anyway having drawn this today wondering how popular they could be. Would anyone be interested? That’s my dilemma.

Charcoal sketch