Decision made

edging and finished Painting

I decided I couldn’t sell it as it was, still not sure, but I have a name, Angels are Waiting. It has lovely textures in it and my Facebook fans said the colours are very soothing. It will take a while to dry before I can post on Bluethumb.

To be or not to be

Painting today, I am not sure about it. I’ve made up a sky and sea , with no reference. The colours are strong and lend to the imagination of it and are bright and cheerful, but I feel uneasy. I’ve just realised why I copy what I see but love making abstracts and cannot put them into one. I cannot accept or trust my own judgement if its meaning isn’t there. I have a strong need that they be one or the other. I’d love to know how you feel about it.

the made up (offending) sea scape , to be or not to be, i can paint over. Oil and wax medium 96 x 96 cm

Privilege today

I have been given the opportunity for blogging on my Bluethumb profile,  called studio  and all those who love and value my artwork can follow me there. I’ll be pretty busy keeping up with it all,  but loving it. I  haven’t got much to show right now  but I have been drawing again,  so I’ll  share that with you.

Making Marks today

I was having a painting session today and my marks brought out a fighting character, I think we’re going to have the fight of our lives, with unemployment and the global economics.

I’m showing the early marks first

I decided to work on it after the stage above, to the results below
I added some collage and ended up painting on and scribbling with oil crayons. The negative space became the fighter. It seems to be having a fight with or for money.

Pink Heaven

30×30 cm acrylic on canvas.

finished painting this while I was drawing portraits and the landscape. It was nearly overlooked but I liked the colour and it had something special.

Sunrise painting today. WIP.

Scene in the district of Wilaura

I started to paint from a lovely photo that a man named Colin in Wallaura took, he kindly let me use it. Hopefully finish it tomorrow, it has sheep in the foreground.

Sunset in Avoca

I also got a commission to paint this scene this morning. Hopefully can get that beautiful glow in the clouds with the right colour Waiting for a larger canvas now that I ordered today.

2nd family, 5 portraits

I was asked to draw the Partners children as well, was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I could when I saw the photographs. But they’re happy with results,

Older sister who was sitting on a motorbike at night, I was lucky to see her well enough when I cropped to her face for a better view
This was a blurred and awkward pose, he was waving but I thought to leave his hand out, now I wish I’d put it in,
I didn’t think this was a suitable pose at all, but it turned out ok
4 th child,

I drew them on Monday, when it was too cold to be in my shed come studio. Was a marathon attempt,

Family portrait

Did a marathon today, most ever portraits in one day. A friend commissioned me for her mother’s birthday. Was very enjoyable too.

Family Portrait Drawings in Charcoal 70 x 85 cm university Cartridge paper

Sorry about the light. The papers white I should take another photo in daylight.