I’m back

I was sick with a vestibular migraine and have been taking it easy but this week I have been playing around with the app which makes insitu photos for my artwork. Thought I’d share as I get back to work.

Painting Emerging in wax medium and oil. 76 x101

I also reworked the last painting (above) a little, as well as this one called Dusk till Dawn.

Dusk till Dawn, wax medium and oil 101 x 101 cm

Sketching with a friend

1. Creswick gardens
2. Creswick gardens
3. Creswick gardens
4. Creswick gardens

We sat under the shade of a beautiful huge gum tree in our garden. And chatted and sketched, drinking water when my sweet husband brought us some vegetarian goodies. It was a really pleasant day, and we loved the sketches we produced, thanks to my friend having taken some great photos of the Creswick gardens in Victoria Australia. With special thanks to my thoughtful husband.

Commission completed

Canola field at sunset in the Pyrenees Shire. Client is very happy.

I must say the camera picks up the light on the painting and it is brighter than looking with the natural eye but not too much difference.

completed painting, 92 x 92cm Acrylic

Almost there

I have been out of action since Monday. I suffer with vestibular migraine, Its an ear problem. Anyway I got back to my commission and almost finished except for the trees, which I hope to complete tomorrow.

The commission almost finished.

Prep. For a commission

Preparatory for colours and brush strokes

I have a commission for a 92 x92 cm canvas of a view in photograph of a local sunset where we live. I prepared for it by checking my colours and my brush strokes, happy to say I have the correct colours and now I know what to expect and alter for the commission.

Original photograph of scene to be painted

My colours are brighter and lift the original image. My client is very happy with the prep .

An invitation

I’ve been invited to exhibit my landscape of the sun rise in its home district of Willaura, for the early summer months after covid restrictions are lifted,

Willaura Sunrise in box frame 42 x 32 cm

Next step

I added a posy of wild flowers to my painting, only small to not detract from the background. But I hope they havn’t become the focal point which will detract from the original expression and intention. My painting is really about the dysfunction in my family and the flowers intention is for the white daisies to let go with forgiveness, blue for forget me knots and magenta petals for love.

Painting with the wild flowers, 61 x 61 cm

Thought I’d share an image that also reminds me of the time spent with my family,

Timeless memories, of a day gone by.

Wow, a Breakthrough !!

I have had a breakthrough. I’m so excited. I was making my marks choosing colours and wam. I painted some antique Cafe curtains in a window at night with a burning ground, straight away reminding me of our family and my Nana and how inadvertently our family came to a demise. I don’t blame anyone but things were as they were. Anyway I’m going to add some wild flowers and it will finish it, and brighten up the painting while bringing the whole sorry story to a close. I’ll show you the work in progress.

Work in progress, soon to add some wild flowers

Decision made

edging and finished Painting

I decided I couldn’t sell it as it was, still not sure, but I have a name, Angels are Waiting. It has lovely textures in it and my Facebook fans said the colours are very soothing. It will take a while to dry before I can post on Bluethumb.