I was contacted for a commission. Its a present for the owner of this pup who has sadly passed away. They are on his motorbike, which was very hard to tell in the photograph. Happily I’ve fulfilled the brief.

Completed Commission.


I video’d my painting process today . Not knowing beforehand what I am going to paint it surprised me. I don’t usually do flowers, it grew on me after a while πŸŒΌπŸ™‚

Finished painting.

My Studio Gallery

I have my studio in a humble shed, and I also have a space for displaying my work.

Part of my display
more display
Ready for Visitors, hand wash
Covid scanning poster, Victorian Government Tracing.

Love you to come visit, cold drink in the fridge

Sold today

Had visitors to pick up painting’s sold during Covid today, and very happy to have them purchase another. The Image is below

Also I finished a Christmas portrait gift this week.

Christmas portraits

updated the Gallery.

I have painted a few paintings that I like very much, so have updated the gallery, all for sale on -davis -lim . I’ll give you a peak.

Title No Good Looking back, 60 x 85 cm cold wax and oil paint on University Cartridge Paper

thanks for looking.

2nd day 30Β°

So it was hot and more paint dried on my palette than got on the canvas, but I worked for another 3 hours today. Its still at its ugly stage but plenty to be done

Work in progress