Had another look at this painting and decided it could go further . It is made with beeswax and oil paint and I have added drips and marks. Think its more interesting than before.

Reworked painting on poster size university paper
Insitu courtesy of @artroomsapp.

Finished portrait

I just got a shock, Horror!! Seeing I didn’t share the finished portrait of my last commission which was only partly done. So I’m making amends now.

finished portrait.

The sitter

After my break

I haven’t been working on anything really. Some portrait practice ready for the Beaufort Town Market. And playing with some older work, but I did tizzy up an old oil paint portrait that I couldn’t bring myself to go over. Let me know how you feel about it.

7yr old portrait laying around , so I added a few things.

Ohh and another go over that every one seemed to like

paper wax painting and oil paint
Finished re-worked wax and oil on paper

An abstract expression

Wild About You.

I painted my first in along time, abstract expressionist Painting yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still have a satisfied feeling today. More so because I wanted to paint in pink but of course you follow your instincts and heart, when your painting and this is what I am experiencing, a little bit of chaos. I can understand written in my marks now how I am trying to calm down and cope with the final pink marks floating over the top of all my questions amid this chaos of the pandemic.

2 commissions

Portrait commission
Baby Commission on wooden heart box.

Both on lay-by, still, very grateful for the work and trust placed in me. I will always take offers seriously, and trust placed in me for commissions and sales of work. .



My painting last week. People are saying it’s good. I wasn’t so sure because it has a lot of connotations which make me uneasy as its a reflection of my life. But for that reason I suppose it is good.

New painting today

Ancient Land.

I painted all day today and am very happy with the results. I’m adding it to my store here before adding it to Bluethumb. And I forgot to mention they have fantastic payment options , all details on my home page.


I was contacted for a commission. Its a present for the owner of this pup who has sadly passed away. They are on his motorbike, which was very hard to tell in the photograph. Happily I’ve fulfilled the brief.

Completed Commission.


I video’d my painting process today . Not knowing beforehand what I am going to paint it surprised me. I don’t usually do flowers, it grew on me after a while 🌼🙂

Finished painting.