Spiritual Paintings?

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I have painted a few insightful maybe spiritual paintings.

Last week I started an abstract painting and finished it with wax medium. I added 3 little blue marks at the corner, in my mind I thought of the Godhead after they were applied. Come Tuesday I went with my husband for him to have growth removed. I had taken a photo of his ankle after the biopsy and to my surprise, when I got home and looked at my painting again, I saw the same thing in my painting as I saw on his leg. When we got the biopsy results we breathed a sigh of relief, it was benign. I felt I was inspired when I painted.

unnamed painting

Creative Intuition:  

Sometimes art speaks through me; it is can be almost as if my subconscious is the creative force as I work with the paint and canvas. For example, one time, I created a subliminal painting and was pondering how the inspiration had evolved. As soon as the painting was complete, I learnt of a friend’s passing. I was very shocked!   

The next morning a dear mutual friend came to visit. As soon as she saw the painting, she perceived that it was of a spirit going into the spirit world, saying goodbye and helping us all to move on. The painting helped her to process our loss and allowed her additional strength to let the memory go in peace. 

Meditation is spiritual inspiration 

I often pray or meditate before I begin painting. This helps me to clear my mind, and put me is a space of pure love. I love the colours, all of the colours. I love the use of colour, and the restraint used so as to not overstimulate when simple colour patterns are best.  

What do you see when you look at this? 


Looking at the Earth 

In early 2019, I felt drawn to paint the earth as though I was looking at it from above. After I did this, I felt it was not quite finished. What is the earth without people to love and care for her, and for each other?  

And then, I thought of COVID 19, and how we will only get through it by connecting and helping each other. I painted that feeling into the work, and felt that it was at last complete.  

Leaving or coming to Earth

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