Weaving a baby blanket

What is the value of lockdown if you do not try something new? For me, I am teaching myself to weave. I have a new loom, in addition to my Ashford rigid heddle. I created a baby blanket as a gift for a friend using hand-dyed wool. What do you think?  

Watch me weaving on YouTube: 


acryllic and wool woven baby blanket
the newly woven baby blanket on the Ashford 8-shaft table loom

Squiggles and yarns

86 x122 cm mixed media on paper
on the Loom.
Last two weeks Work.

I have a lot of fun and love making things, especially working with my coat. So much goes into making a coat- sourcing the correct lining, finding a pattern that works with hand-woven wool, and sewing hand-woven wool which is a skill on it’s own!

Ready for the next step

I finally finished weaving my cloth for the coat I’ve got in mind. Hooray!! Next step is buying some lining. Then learning how to sew it all together I’ve a pretty good idea but need to learn about lining and collar, and making a pattern. I did make a pattern to fit with my first weave before and learnt how to shape the shoulder for this next time.

the finished weave, there’s 6.60 metres altogether.
The coat pattern i admire and wish to emulate.

Apologies 💞

Im sorry I have neglected the blog I’ve been busy weaving for a coat. And seeing another artist smudging paint on his portraits, which was what I had in mind I lost heart with my portrait searching idea. I couldn’t bring myself to disfigure my work. I’ll share my weaving instead. But I have another idea brewing for my next painting 🙂 hopefully tomorrow.

First finished weave
fabric airing after a wash
a third panel

Skirt and Top

I have been weaving and made a Top to wear out of Patons Sierra 8ply. And a skirt with %100 wool from the Bendigo Woolen Mills. Didn’t take Too long  I’ve also been

spinning and making myself a Knitted poncho type coat which I should finish next week. When we win the war with Covid vaccine I will be able to open my studio Gallery again for the Pyrenees Farm Gate Trail again. I had lighting installed and a wee coffee machine to make an espresso for my visitors with a sitting area and I will give demonstrations of different aspects of the work if you are interested. Very much looking forward to seeing you.

Wow sold last Saturday

sold within hours.

You could knock me down with a feather late Saturday afternoon. Bluethumb had sold my newest painting. As you know by my last post it was the first painting in a Long time.

I have been spinning, weaving and knitting to distract me from feelings of inability to create. I have painted commission portraits for various clients but the wool work has re Kindled my creativity.

weaving a scarf.
Myself wearing my homespun and newly knitted Beret