Squiggles and yarns

86 x122 cm mixed media on paper
on the Loom.
Last two weeks Work.

I have a lot of fun and love making things, especially working with my coat. So much goes into making a coat- sourcing the correct lining, finding a pattern that works with hand-woven wool, and sewing hand-woven wool which is a skill on it’s own!

Painting again

Wax medium and oil paint on canvas,

Sometimes a canvas speaks to you—whether it be from linen or a past work! I need the mediums to speak to me, to help me feel my spark again.

figure, Pulled out of the Marks already there. Linen board.

Searching, as a painting subject.

drawing for next painting.

As an artist, I feel like I have different styles within the body of my own work. These are not academically labelled or styled, but different ways in which I feel my work is developed from within me. This work is a combination of two of my interpersonal styles. I am not sure it worked, what do you think?


I have finally found a subject to interact with viewer’s and my interest using the two styles that I am most fond of. Portraits and abstracts together in my own way. I’m so excited and I’ll be using my wax medium to paint with. All my love’s in expressions. The portrait above is a preliminary Start to achieving this goal. When it’s dry, hopefully tomorrow I shall start the next process of the abstract stage, pictured Below,
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wow sold last Saturday

sold within hours.

You could knock me down with a feather late Saturday afternoon. Bluethumb had sold my newest painting. As you know by my last post it was the first painting in a Long time.

I have been spinning, weaving and knitting to distract me from feelings of inability to create. I have painted commission portraits for various clients but the wool work has re Kindled my creativity.

weaving a scarf.
Myself wearing my homespun and newly knitted Beret

2nd family, 5 portraits

I was asked to draw the Partners children as well, was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I could when I saw the photographs. But they’re happy with results,

Older sister who was sitting on a motorbike at night, I was lucky to see her well enough when I cropped to her face for a better view
This was a blurred and awkward pose, he was waving but I thought to leave his hand out, now I wish I’d put it in,
I didn’t think this was a suitable pose at all, but it turned out ok
4 th child,

I drew them on Monday, when it was too cold to be in my shed come studio. Was a marathon attempt,