automatic Dadaist mark making movement

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sefie of artist with statement of the automatic Daoist mark making movement

The automatic Daoist mark making movement, which Dawn read about in Andre Breton’s manifesto as an undergraduate, has become very popular. The genre combines colour and texture which inspires self-reflection without sacrificing spontaneity. Therefore, her abstractions have breadth and colour. In addition, they convey a message of living peacefully and honestly in harmony with nature. In conclusion, her paintings have a spiritual significance.


Dawn migrated to Australia from England in her twenties. Early on in life, she started drawing portraits as a five year old. She taught herself. As a result, Dawn created paintings which are considered the outsider art style. Meanwhile, her art gained enough attention that she decided to invest in an arts degree. Above all, her aim became to better refine her style in mark making and to fully develop her natural talent. Hence, Dawn graduated with her Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Federation University in 1996.

Most importantly, Dawn lives a peaceful life with her husband, Chai in rural Victoria. She dedicates herself to her artwork. She has just moved into Avoca, into better living conditions. Consequently, Dawn has the use of a large double door garage as a studio gallery. So, without the distraction of house chores, she can concentrate on her art.

Dawn’s paintings are found in private collections around the world. A prize winning piece of her work is on permanent display in the Pyrenees Shire art collection(see here.) Other displays of her work are at her studio gallery in Avoca (see here).


  • Avoca Pyrenees Unearthed 2019 (Grand prize)
  • Beaufort art and sale exhibition 2018 (Category winner)
  • Avoca Pyrenees Unearthed 2017 (Best Abstract)
  • Avoca Pyrenees Unearthed 2016 (Category winner)
  • Donald Art Exhibition 2015 (Best in Show)
  • Donald Art Exhibition 2015 (Best Abstract)
  • Donald Art Exhibition 2014 (Best Abstract)


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Dawn Lim is passionate about her art making and keen to share her considerable knowledge with like-minded people. Her teaching methods are gentle and encourage confidence. She helps you see what is good in what you have produced and she encourages you to be more experimental if your work is tight. The sessions I have had with her have been a lot of fun and I have been happy with what I have learnt from her. 

Merry Hogan  

Hi Dawn, I would like to thank you for the help you gave me when Glenda and I were with you last. Let’s face it I’m no artist but I do love trying and you support me in this. Once again thank you Dawn for just being you 🥰🥰🥰❤️   

Rae Forrest 

Message I am the proud owner of 3 beautiful paintings that Dawn has painted. I recently commissioned Dawn to paint 2 further paintings for gifts to my immediate family members. One was a painting of Marilyn Monroe and the other was a portrait of my brother in law dressed in his beloved Essendon jersey. These are large paintings and absolutely life like. Simply amazing Dawn, your are a great Artist and I am a better person from meeting you. Thanks
Gordon Marr June 2020

I have been attending art Lessons from Dawn Lim now for several months. What I find amazing is her ability to get from me artwork that is truly reflective of a landscape. I have had no previous art lessons and was very nervous about learning. Dawns friendly, encouraging manner immediately put nerves to rest. Her passion for art, her quiet praise and ability to take the whole class on this learning journey is wonderful. Thank you Dawn, very much.

Alison Cheater,
Principal at Elmhurst Primary School.

The Artist your work (particularly the piece we bought) so reminded us of was Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not figuratively but the same feel and shared technique. I’d be interested if you think so.

Ellen Mc Sheedy

I absolutely loved my first lesson today. I was totally amazed by the learning I achieved today and absolutely totally happy with the wonderful painting I got to take home! I would recommend lessons to anyone wanted to have a go to learn some new skills!

Briana Fay Close

Hello Dawn, better late than never! Sam has made a shadow frame 🖼 and we just hung it up today. Thank you, it looks fabulous and makes us feel like we are in Tormeys Lane!

Best regards

Jo Kumrow

My other love in Art

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Many of my friends know that I love spinning and weaving in wool. I have now started a website in my Fibre Art Business@

fibre art
dream weaver


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Inspiration Spiritual experiences feature within Dawn’s art

Discovery within art

spiritual experiences within art feature in Dawn's paintings
Dawn Lim, Faceless, with Angel, January 2022.

Inspirations and spiritual experiences within her, feature in Dawn’s paintings.

The Artist statement : From time to time, paintings take shape because of my Inspiration from the spiritual relationship I have with the earth and the spirits of every living thing.

I do not have preconceived ideas before painting but I work with feeling and intuition usually within any experience I am having.

My paintings work best when they come through inspiration and personal discovery. This particular painting is a depiction of two individuals who are spiritually connected. I view all my experiences as having a spiritual connection.

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Faceless with Angel is to be purchased at the online Gallery Bluethumb