The Other Art Fair Melbourne

the other art fair

Dawn has been handpicked to show at the Saatchi Other Art Fair in Melbourne from the 2nd to the 5th of August 2018

I have painted new work especially for the show

Dawn is putting on a new series of  art work at this year’s Saatchi “The Other Art Fair”, the second year of its kind in Melbourne.

She said, “I think this exhibition is the best thing since sliced bread to happen for me in a long while. I had lot of success while in the restaurant Rainbow Gallery, and I know meeting people personally is the best way for viewers to get a feeling of your work and its creator. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve created new work and I’ve advertised in the Art Edit magazine to make the most of this once in my lifetime opportunity.”

Dawn’s work is been featured in the Art Edit magazine if you would like to take a look using the link below:-

Art edit


Please register your interest in the event on FaceBook

Dawn’s event on FaceBook

and you can get free tickets

Use promo code ARTXXX at for free entry Friday 3 August – Sunday 5 August.



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