Sweet dreams are made of this

Introducing Jashoyon, macrophotographer

Becoming family


2 1/2 yrs ago I met a young man among a number of others, who has become a member of our family. After calling me ma’am for 6 months or more, I became mom.  People have asked me if he is our son when seeing his photograph.  He is as kind to me as I would wish a son to be and always wishes me sweet dreams at night.  Now sweet dreams may be his as Chai has become his champion and recently designed a new website for his brilliant macro photography, introducing http://throughthelensjashoyonchakma.com


selfie of Jashoyon


New Theme for the website today!

Its a hard road building a website

We needed the blog to be secondary to the Gallery Page

We  had to search for a Theme that allowed the gallery to be the first page but also provided for a blog. Chai found this basic  yet effective WordPress template which I think is crisp and clean allowing my work to shine through. And I am happy that I can carry on writing and sharing now that I have learned how.

I had the whole day to paint today,  and tidied one I hadn’t finished last week, and completed another I began a few months ago,  I was happy with both of them to be put in the gallery for sale, “Damn,” and  “Stormy day”

image of painting dam    image of painting stormy day


My new website

Chai has made a new website for me!

A new website of my abstract paintings for sale is now live

Chai has made a new website for “Dawn’s contemporary abstract art”  with a simple shopping cart which includes PayPal payments. It has been a hard job to find a FREE shopping cart to take payments, so it was a God send to find one on the wordpress.org platform.  There is no shopping cart on the wordpress.com website as this platform doesn’t allow for a shopping cart.

Chai had to search for a platform that won’t cost an arm and a leg to incorporate a shopping cart. It has been a long search but he  finally found a very simple one which many  people are using. Most good ones cost a monthly fee for a package which includes web hosting and a payment facility which has an extra  cost


image of website