Fringe benefits or corruption?

Fringe benefits or corruption, what has it got to do with artists?
I remember years ago when the Australian Goverment tried to stop corruption or kickbacks and brought in the fringe benefits tax, which resulted in our bosses stop giving us free dinners because they could not writeoff in tax.
So now for the small time artists we cannot afford to entertain our clients, but the State Goverment and big corporations can still entertain big names like Tiger Woods and his cronies when they had them out for the golf championships in Australia. What a double standard?
Now a travel service had started out in Europe giving “corruption” tours …
We don’t need to go on a tour, just look at the news!



The absurdity of CorruptTour is precisely the genius of this, and says a lot more about our society than the business itself.

-Rafat Ali