Today's Painting

My Abstract expressionist painting today

the painting “Storm” has an abstract expressionist feel to it

Started this morning with colors that I seem to have used before but  haven’t had much success and  I thought I was going down the same track,  but to my surprise,  outside in perfect light for the camera  (cloudy )  I’ve decided I like them, this time they’re working for me.

I shall add a touch more magenta which worked well but  was covered by the layer of blue. It has a feel of a storm or something in nature to me.


Wolveschildren-newest art gallery in Ballarat

Since the opening of Wolveschildren Art Gallery, Dawn has been exhibiting there. There is currently the large piece of Dawn’s abstract painting there, 3D blue and white with pink stripes. Wolveschildren is a wonderful art gallery, you can find it on Facebook.

Checkout the current exhibition there, it is a fabulous show in the main gallery room. Dawn’s work is on the local artists’ wall.
Frontview of Wolverschildren Art Gallery

Local artists wall at Wolverschildren art gallery

Gallery room of Wolveschildren