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My Abstract expressionist painting today

the painting “Storm” has an abstract expressionist feel to it

Started this morning with colors that I seem to have used before but  haven’t had much success and  I thought I was going down the same track,  but to my surprise,  outside in perfect light for the camera  (cloudy )  I’ve decided I like them, this time they’re working for me.

I shall add a touch more magenta which worked well but  was covered by the layer of blue. It has a feel of a storm or something in nature to me.


New abstract painting?

Latest abstract expressionist painting or is it?

Hard choice to where this abstract expressionist painting could go as.

Thinking this painting could fit within 3 categories minimalist, Colour Field and Abstract expressionism.

Helamen found that “The emergence of Colour Field effectively divided Abstract Expressionist painting into two styles – (1) gestural and full of contrast and action; (2) smooth, flat, and relatively incident-free with large fields of rich colour. The latter style, like Still, Rothko and Newman, devoted more attention to formal elements in their painting – such as line, shape, colour – than secondary elements such as context or narrative, and this emphasis on formalism” comes after abstract expressionism. (

So its a little bit of minimalist, gestural abstract and colour field. Dawn’s paintings are evolving. (Helamen)

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