My new website

Chai has made a new website for me!

A new website of my abstract paintings for sale is now live

Chai has made a new website for “Dawn’s contemporary abstract art”  with a simple shopping cart which includes PayPal payments. It has been a hard job to find a FREE shopping cart to take payments, so it was a God send to find one on the platform.  There is no shopping cart on the website as this platform doesn’t allow for a shopping cart.

Chai had to search for a platform that won’t cost an arm and a leg to incorporate a shopping cart. It has been a long search but he  finally found a very simple one which many  people are using. Most good ones cost a monthly fee for a package which includes web hosting and a payment facility which has an extra  cost

image of website


New painting

I am in such a great place at the moment. My work has improved and finally producing a style I’ve desired . I believe it’s because I’m giving. As Paul McCartney said,  and in the end,  the love you take  is equal to the love you make, and of course before Paul  there is the greatest teacher of all,  our Lord. Proceeds from my art are helping a group of  the chakma people  become self sufficient by building their own weaving business  information about this on 



3D Blue and Silver now showing at 100th Gallery

3D Blue and Silver now showing at 100th Gallery @ sidearm cafe

image of abstract painting by dawn lim-3D blue and silver
3D Blue and Silver
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
1520mm x 1220mm

Dawn’s massive contemporary abstract painting is now showing at


Can abstract paintings convey the spirit of Christ too?

Realist paintings in the Renaissance  conveyed the biblical story.
But can abstract paintings convey the spirit of the Lord in the way they are painted?We believed that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on this earth, therefore it may be possible for our spirits to talk to each other.

For there is that spiritual process, described by the Prophet Joseph Smith, by which pure intelligence can flow into our minds and we can know what we need to know without either the drudgery of study or the passage of time, for it is revelation.

“All things whatsoever God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit and proper to reveal to us, while we are dwelling in mortality, in regard to our mortal bodies, are revealed to us in the abstract … revealed to our spirits precisely as though we had no bodies at all; and those revelations which will save our spirits will save our bodies.” (Teachings, p. 355.)
So the “abstract” which is “spirit to spirit” can be a good way to communicate  with one another without speech.One of Dawn’s latest paintings conveys this abstract idea of dialog.
The Duomo de Milano  left a lasting impression on her

Image of abstract painting
1 Nephi 13:8

“Behold the gold, and the silver, and the silks, and the scarlets, and the fine-twined linen, and the precious clothing, …”

Gifts of the Spirit come to us in the form of pure intelligence or knowledge, transferred “in the abstract” (that is, spirit to spirit) through the Holy Ghost (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 355), to enlighten our minds, open the eyes of our understanding, and manifest themselves as special abilities, skills, or capacities for understanding.


How do you sell your art?

Helamen says, “its a numbers game!” when it comes to selling your art. If you expose your art to as many people as possible as only a tiny percentage will buy. We were at the biggest art show ever had in Melbourne a few years ago and had about 10,000 people pass by our stall, and we sold two paintings at a good price. That is 0.02% conversion rate. Well now we are trying for a high click rate, in getting ontop of google, so that if we get 10,000 visitors a month, and if we get the same conversion rate we should sell at least 2 paintings in the month. So the higher the click rate the better, and Helamen has been concentrating on the search engine optimisation and marketing to get high on google rankings. It took two weeks with the start of a new domain name for Dawn’s original abstract art blog to get on top of google in Australia. So the next thing to do is tweak the site’s seo to get on top of google US when people search for just abstract art in the world. It will be excellent to achieve this in 6 months’ time. What do people think?

Will keep you posted.