Insight into Kandinsky’s theory of art

Understanding  my paintings  through Kandinsky’s concept

I have been busy with a commission, portraits that are to be a surprise,  but this is  Mondays work, couldn’t wait to get back to painting.  Don’t know if I should mess with it now, I have a tendency to lose it and It has some good reviews which gives me confidence.

Been advised to read Kandinsky’s “point meets  line”.  ( thanks Deborah ),  and if I have interpreted correctly,  learned that there is painting  for painting’s sake, which I do and that you  can have a non-objective painting. I take that 2 ways, not an intended reality and that it doesn’t matter if it has no meaning in  that one can paint spiritually. The only time I can paint anything that I think is worthwhile  is when I have prayed so I guess that’s what I’m doing.

Photo Mondays painting




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