Getting my MOJO back

Photo spirit of the wild


I’ve been working hard to get back to a place, where I left off after my 2008 honors year. Gestural line, making Marks and seeing where they lead me. It’s not easy starting with nothing,  but I love it when ideas come in and through the process of creating. And I’ve been honored to have good feedback on this one and am determined to stay on track now, God willing.


3 new works

Three new paintings for sale this Christmas

The proceeds to go to the Chakma Trust

Three new works for sale to help me achieve the goals of At present I have funded an open heart surgery and training for a young mother to learn to weave traditional dress and become a teacher herself to train others. The work is just beginning.

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Happy Christmas everyone.

Commodity photo ” Commodity ” 61x 61 cm

Photo sunup to sunset

” Sunup to Sunset” 30.5 x 30.5

Photo pennies from Heaven

“Pennies from Heaven” 116 x 76cm


Insight into Kandinsky’s theory of art

Understanding  my paintings  through Kandinsky’s concept

I have been busy with a commission, portraits that are to be a surprise,  but this is  Mondays work, couldn’t wait to get back to painting.  Don’t know if I should mess with it now, I have a tendency to lose it and It has some good reviews which gives me confidence.

Been advised to read Kandinsky’s “point meets  line”.  ( thanks Deborah ),  and if I have interpreted correctly,  learned that there is painting  for painting’s sake, which I do and that you  can have a non-objective painting. I take that 2 ways, not an intended reality and that it doesn’t matter if it has no meaning in  that one can paint spiritually. The only time I can paint anything that I think is worthwhile  is when I have prayed so I guess that’s what I’m doing.

Photo Mondays painting