Change of pace.

I needed a change from painting yesterday and felt like drawing again.

I really should draw  something each day to keep the eye and hand coordinated. I don’t get an exact likeness of a photograph but I am happy that I can get the essence of the character , I’m posting two photographs of the sketches I completed yesterday and today of myself and chai,  and hoping  I will find time to practice each day.


Photo August self portraitPhoto of chai's portrait


Reminiscing Dawn's pre-abstract art period of portraits

Reminiscing Dawn’s portraits before she started to paint abstract art

Dawn has wondered what her paintings would be like if she had not embarked on abstract oil paintings. Her university lecturer, now retired, had remarked why Dawn had not continued painting portraits when she entered university. Dawn had a strong portfolio of portraits and landscapes when she presented for her admissions interview. Maybe one day she will, maybe.

portrait painting



image of portriats



portrait of child