update on accidental startup artist site, See.Me

Which is better, a small individual artist website or a massive superstore artists website?
Mashable has picked up the story of the accidental startup website. See.Me
A chat with the man himself of See.Me
Dawn has been involved with the New York, See.Me website for a little while now after been featured in the billboards on Times Square in 2011 and on their website’s homepage.
image of Dawn's Trinity at Times Square
Now the social network website is dedicated to promote the work of musicians, photographers and artists and has the ability to receive donations from fans. At last count, the site has 630,000 registered users, trying to raise money and build relationships with their fans. Some lucky users have gone viral while others, the majority are still waiting to be discovered.
Helamen says he still doesn’t think much of the site’s aim but recognised that it is one of the most successful accidental start-up of the phenomena of the emergence of the superstore website. He wonders if any one can actually be found among the 630,000 users. Its the “tip of the iceberg” scenario. You can only see the tip but a vast body of the iceberg cannot be seen.
So what’s best? A small artists own website with the marketing enhanced or a superstore artist website. Helamen used a tool for “social crawlytics” which measures the social network shares of Dawn’s dedicated website which was massive, but on the superstore See.me, she has only one like and 136 total views.
Its like looking for a needle in a haystack! or a Lottery win!

Scammed, unscrupulous reselling of my domain name

We want everyone to beware of this.
Why we had to change our domain name from dawnlim.com to dawnlim.com.au
A year ago, Dawn had a website registered under the name of dawnlim.com. We had built a reputation and popularity over the preceding years and were ranking high in Google.
Then this year, the site disappeared, I got in touch with our local service provider. They told me that because they could not get in touch with me, they had not registered our domain name. They always had our email address, and phone number. Then they told us it would cost more. We gave up and registered another domain name, this time as dawnlim.com.au.
Next thing, we were offered by someone to register dawnlim.com. Guess how much for ….. $2,950!
I am thinking of investigating this to see what I can do. And also to warn others of this unethical practice.

Reminiscing Dawn's pre-abstract art period of portraits

Reminiscing Dawn’s portraits before she started to paint abstract art

Dawn has wondered what her paintings would be like if she had not embarked on abstract oil paintings. Her university lecturer, now retired, had remarked why Dawn had not continued painting portraits when she entered university. Dawn had a strong portfolio of portraits and landscapes when she presented for her admissions interview. Maybe one day she will, maybe.

portrait painting



image of portriats



portrait of child


Traffic Signal Boxes project and Backspace show

Dawn is at the painting stage for the traffic signal boxes project, this time with the Ballarat Migrant Women’s group. All forms submitted and next Tuesday they will be painiing if it is a nice day.

Tomorrow at 6pm will be the opening of the Terrain Exhibition at the Backspace gallery in Camp St, the old police building.


terrain exhibition invite


Able Art Exhibition

Dawn was the guest speaker at the launch of the Able Art exhibition at the Gallery of Ballarat.

She was talking about the art and disablitilty on the day of the International year of the Disability, and about her guest artist’s role at the workshop for the Ballarat and Inagawa, sister cities art exchange project. It was a pleasant night with the culmination of the exhibition returning to Ballarat.

able art poster


poster able art


Interview with Dr Caroline Ellison

Dawn had a most wonderful interview with Dr Caroline Ellison from Flinders University who is doing a research on how disability artists go about their creative work. She thought that we were the best example of an artist and mentor couple she has ever met around the world. We were so very happy to be talking to her and hope to cultivate a special relationship with her.


Dawn and caroline