Sweet dreams are made of this

Introducing Jashoyon, macrophotographer

Becoming family


2 1/2 yrs ago I met a young man among a number of others, who has become a member of our family. After calling me ma’am for 6 months or more, I became mom.  People have asked me if he is our son when seeing his photograph.  He is as kind to me as I would wish a son to be and always wishes me sweet dreams at night.  Now sweet dreams may be his as Chai has become his champion and recently designed a new website for his brilliant macro photography, introducing http://throughthelensjashoyonchakma.com


selfie of Jashoyon


Are websites and blogs good for artists!

websites and blogs are good for artists!
seo marketing
SEO and marketing
We have been asked quite a few times, are websites and blogs good marketing tools for artists?
The ranking on the first page in Google search engine is very important. It’s like getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of free advertising and tens of thousands of visitors to view your site.
Wouldn’t every webmaster want this?
Then you would have to understand search engine optimisation (seo) and marketing.
Now our alexa traffic rank, from 18,000,000 down to 2,000,000 and australia rank from 14,000 down to 2,500, we have had been noticed by some gallerie in New York, so we are going to exhibit there.
We have not trek around marketing our stuff by foot or by phone anymore. Once, Dawn have a little prayer and closed her eyes and dropped her finger on a list of galleries and where it lands, she rang that gallery. It was a sold out show!
Now we do it online, we have found our agent in Melbourne and in New York.
For tutorials, send me an email?

Online Newsletter

Just found Hugh MacLeod’s website, wonderful blogs. http://gapingvoid.com/n2/

So many artists so hard workers for their online presence, my other hero is Moshe.

One of the best blogs I have read is http://fineartviews.com//blog/17411/artists-online-presence-how-one-artist-does-it

Thanks guys.