Are websites and blogs good for artists!

websites and blogs are good for artists!
seo marketing
SEO and marketing
We have been asked quite a few times, are websites and blogs good marketing tools for artists?
The ranking on the first page in Google search engine is very important. It’s like getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of free advertising and tens of thousands of visitors to view your site.
Wouldn’t every webmaster want this?
Then you would have to understand search engine optimisation (seo) and marketing.
Now our alexa traffic rank, from 18,000,000 down to 2,000,000 and australia rank from 14,000 down to 2,500, we have had been noticed by some gallerie in New York, so we are going to exhibit there.
We have not trek around marketing our stuff by foot or by phone anymore. Once, Dawn have a little prayer and closed her eyes and dropped her finger on a list of galleries and where it lands, she rang that gallery. It was a sold out show!
Now we do it online, we have found our agent in Melbourne and in New York.
For tutorials, send me an email?

Accidental startup update

Just got a letter from the accidental startup man himself
William Etundi Jr.
Founder & CEO of See.Me

We have some exciting news.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing new features that will not only make your See.Me profile more engaging, but will also give you the ability to earn funds and gain the support you deserve for your creative pursuits.

First: starting tomorrow, stay up-to-date on your profile activity as it happens by receiving real-time email notifications when someone likes or supports your work. If real-time is too much for you, switch to a daily or weekly digest, or disable notifications altogether by clicking here.

Second: very soon, you will be able to earn funds directly through your See.Me profile. This means that friends, fans, See.Me members, and others can show their support for your work by offering a financial contribution.

We’ve been hard at work developing this new and exciting feature, where creatives like you can earn funds, simply and easily, using the profile you already have. This will be one of the most defining features of See.Me. And in just a few weeks you’ll be among the first to be invited to preview it.

Expect more big updates soon!

So awaiting to see what he is doing for the 630,000 artists!

Will he do another coup!


Ongoing dialogue between Dan (foliotwist) and Chai

Chai wrote:
thanks Dan,
I don’t think I will take up the offer, I had a very heavy workload doing that site.
I find this website is the simplest to do and more suitable for SEO then any that I have done, except for my first website for Dawn
This one was in the best vein, that Moshe Mikanovsky, Hugh MacLeod and Peter Wolsely blogged on their sites about artists online advertising and SEO.
Since Google’s new priority in SEO directions, I have taken to blogging a lot more than I usually do.
regards chai

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