Welcome to Dawn’s Art Gallery.

Dawn is a modern contemporary abstract painter who also paints landscape and portraits on commission.

Dawn was born in the UK and migrated to Australia. She has a Facebook page, click here 

Dawn Lim in Moonambel, VIC, AU on Houzz


Australian postage and handling are included in the sale price, international orders extra.
seven-day money back guarantees upon safe return of your purchased artwork.





76 x 106 cm Rememberance  – acrylic $900 AUD




Vert de Gris 2

101 x 101 cm Vert de Gris 2 – mixed media $1200 AUD


Vert de Gris 3

50 x 60 cm Vert de Gris 3 – mixed media $900 AUD





sequence 2

76 x 106 cm Sequence 2 -mixed media $900 AUD





painting "olive"

116 x 76 cm Veil 1 – acrylic $900 AUD



abstract painting

101x101cm Vet dis gris -mixed media $1200 AUD


abstract painting

101x101cm Orange et vert clair -mixed media $1200 AUD


abstract paintings

101x101cm Secrets -mixed media $1300 AUD


abstract painting


76×61 cm Rush Hour -mixed media sold




blue greens painting

101x101cm blue greens $900 AUD


Contempation while riding

Contemplation while riding AUD$400 46cmx 61cm

Stringy bark trees

Stringy bark trees AUD$880 38cmx76cm

Home on high

Home on high, AUD$500 38cmx76cm


By the moon 76×101 cm acrylic $700

abstract paintingStitched up 89×89 cm  oil on canvas  sold



abstract painting 

Tracks 101x 101 acrylic Sold

abstract painting

drops 76×101 cm acrylic A$700

abstract painting

abstract 1 45×60 cm acrylic $350

Lovers 76×101 cm acrylic A$650


landscaper painting by Dawn LIm of Brad Pitt

green and yellow abstract 50 x 60 cm  sold

floating shapes abstract painting by Dawn Lim

Floating Shapes 76×101 cm A$600

blue abstract painting by Dawn Lim

blue composition 45.5 x 61 cm A$350

abstract painting green composition

45.5 x 61 cm  Green Composition   oil paint    $350 AUD

painting Strata by Dawn Lim76 x 116 cm  Strata      sold


spirit of the wild - abstract painting

76 x 116 cm  Spirit of the wild     $1200 AUD


sea scape

 76 x 116 cm  stairway to heaven   $800 AUD

Photo of melancholy

61 x 45.5 cm melancholy oil paint    $150 AUD

Photo sunup to sunset

30.5×30.5 cm sunup to sunset  sold

Commodity photo

61×61 cm Ghost  sold


Photo of promise

91 x 91 cm  expectation   $700 AUD

painting called blue.

116 x76 cm Blue sold

Photo of golden field

116 x76 cm Canola Field $1000AUD  sold


image of on the rocks

116 x76cm stormy day on the rocks $950 AUD

Photo Ruins 2

116 x76cm  bricks in the wall $950 AUD

Summer heat photo

16 x76cm hot flush $1000 AUD


Photo of afterglow

76 x 116 cm Afterglow  $950 AUD


Large painting abstract

1.22×1.52m silver webbing $1500 AUD


Image of painting

101x101cm webbing green and orange $800 AUD


  1. Nice work, and lovely site, Dawn. Your work is calm and meditative. The colors are engaging and I like the block-y compositions the best. I wish you good success with your art career. It’s great to see a fellow senior at work in her art studio. Susan Holland

    1. Thank you so much Susan, it’s wonderful to have some feedback, especially from my peers, and you have given me the encouragement I need, thanks again, Dawn.

  2. Hi Dawn…thanks for your warm welcome today. I loved the portrait s and enjoyed chatting… to be continued. I tried to find you on face book but had no luck could you try me…id appreciate it.
    What a location you have there and on your website im so jelous of the steam boat meal last one I had was escaping torrential rain in Na Trang. …yum a favourite. Good luck with the Avoca Art Show. In friendship Kylie-ann Walsh.

    1. Hi Kylie, lovely surprise, I have found and liked your Facebook page, same day we met, which was a great day. By the way an artist friend loved your work in the Avoca Unearthed show, look forward seeing you again, Dawn

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