Visual Arts Gallery

Modern Contemporary abstract paintings for sale

Australian postage and handling included, international orders extra.
seven-day money back guarantee upon safe return of your purchased artwork

Proceeds to the Chakma Trust


painting called blue.

1016x76cm blue $825 AUD


painting "olive"

1016×76cm Shrouded  Cloisters  $850 AUD

Photo of golden field

1016 x76 cm Golden Field $850 AUD

image of painting dam

101x101cm dam $800 AUD

image of on the rocks

1016×76cm stormy day on the rocks $750 AUD

Abstract painting of ruins

1016×76cm Ruins $700 AUD

Image of abstract painting Asian Autumn

1016×76cm “Asian Autumn “ $600 AUD

Abstract painting of hidden woman

1016×76cm hiden woman $750 AUD

Abstract painting of islands in the sea

1016×76cm Blue Islands $650 AUD 


Large painting abstract

1.22×1.52m webbing $950 AUD


Image of painting

1016x1016cm webbing green and orange $550 AUD


2 thoughts on “Visual Arts Gallery”

  1. Nice work, and lovely site, Dawn. Your work is calm and meditative. The colors are engaging and I like the block-y compositions the best. I wish you good success with your art career. It’s great to see a fellow senior at work in her art studio. Susan Holland

    1. Thank you so much Susan, it’s wonderful to have some feedback, especially from my peers, and you have given me the encouragement I need, thanks again, Dawn.

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